Skeleton Models

Skeleton models are listed in our collection. Please take a look at our collection for more information about prices and specifications.

  • Facts:
  • Richly decorated skeleton wristwatches
  • The Plain Unitas 6498-1 hand-wind movement - turned into a true masterpiece of art
  • Various graded of refinement available
  • All wristwatches featuring 42mm case, various version available
  • Two sapphire glasses with antireflective coating on both sides
  • Hot-blued hands made of steel
  • Wrist straps made of genuine Louisiana gator skin
  • Bufferfly clasp
  • Shipped in an attractive burr-walnut box
  • Price for international customers starting with 1,500.00€
  • shipping free
  • Price list

Tourby is famous for their richly decorated Skelett range of skeleton wristwatches. When the refinement process is complete, the plain Unitas 6498-1 hand-wind movement has turned into a true masterpiece of art. Various grades of refinement are available to choose from. "Standard Finish" is the entry-level model, with skeleton parts, blued screws, skeletonized and polished winders, chamfered edges, and a rhodium-plated movement. The next stage "Special Finish" model, with additional features including a gold-plated ratchet wheel (barrel) plus golden hour and minute wheels that create a mganificent contrast to the rhodium-plated movement. The winders are hand-blued with micro-finished teeth. What is more, the movements and all related parts of the "Special Finish Perlage" version are entirely perlaged using a small watchmaker drill. Finally, "High Finish" is the ultimate version with extravagant hand-engraved parts.


available in:

standard finish 1,500.00 Euro - rhodium plated, polished angles, blued screws, polished winding wheels

standard finish black 1,550.00 Euro - black rhdoium plated

special finish 1,900.00 Euro - gold plated barrel, gold plated hour wheel, gold plated minute wheel, hand blued setting lever jumper, hand blued winding wheels

special finish perlage 2,500.00 Euro - complete perlage finish

high finish 3,500.00 Euro - complete hand engraved

Tourby Skeleton Art Deco  - A2e high finish II (hand engraved)

with 3/4 dial (Quarter Skeleton)

Gold Version

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with 18k / 750 solid yellow gold watch case

with 18k / 750 solid white gold watch case

special finish perlage - A2e

special finish - A2e

standard finish black - B3e

standard finish - B2e

standard finish type A case with screwed lugs

Skeleton Special Models

All Skelton models are available with skeletonized dial (free of charge)