Marine Silver 40

Approximate Period 1880 - 1940

The "Marine Silver" models stand out from the other Marine models by the genuine silver dial. The dial is made of genuine sterling silver 925/000, from one of the most prestigious dial factories in Germany, which has production sites in Switzerland. The high-quality dial is provided in tradition of the old marine chronometer with a "granular" surface, as one finds even with the big German watch manufacturers. The hands are made of blued steel and give the high-quality wristwatch its special charm. In contrast to the simple blue hands, the color on painted or galvanized steel hands are not as robust, temperature blued hands has a color and luster that can not be imitated. A connoisseur can tell the difference between simple blue hands, which are made primarily made of brass and real blued steel hands which is immediately apparent at first glance. The steel develops blue color through a heating process where the steel hands are heated to a temperature of about 290 ° - 320 °. This process previously was achieved by flame so there was always minimal variation in the blue color. The temperature range can change the blue tone of the steel. At 290 ° the color is in the direction of and then bright purple as the temperature increases. At 320 ° it is only light blue. The beautiful dark-blue color is reached at about 305 °. However it is very difficult for the flame to heat the same temperature over the entire hand so it achieves a uniform blue tone. The modern watch industry therefore relies on sophisticated heating plates, where one can determine the temperature accurately and all hands have exactly the same blue tone. There are only a few factories in the world who are able to produce genuine blued steel hands. These come exclusively from Switzerland. Unfortunately, these factories are mainly in the hands of large corporations. Tourby watches due to years of good contacts still have access to such high quality hand sets, which makes us the envy of many other watch manufacturers. Since the production of steel hands is much more expensive than the production of hands from brass, the price of such steel hands is many times higher. Many luxury Swiss brands you can pay as much as a complete Tourby wristwatch just for their blued steel hands.


All movements are shock-proof according to DIN 8308 standard and anti-magnetic according to DIN standard 8309th




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Marine Silver 40 Decorated SCDG * 1,400.00 Euro 



Folding clasp + 50,- Euro

Sunburst winding wheels + 100,- Euro


Partial hand engravings on movement  + 600,- Euro

Complete hand engravings on movement + 1800,- Euro

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