Premium Models

The Tourby team have the watchmaking skills to produce extremely complicated models. Despite the elaborate hand engraving and the use of the best materials Tourby also offers very attractive prices. In the world of watches you will hardly find a manufacturer who asks such a fair price for so much art and quality. All "Premium" models feature a mechanical movement which has been refined according to all rules of watchmaking. The cases are 42mm comfortable to wear and have two sapphire crystals. The sapphire crystal has a anti-reflective treatment on both sides, so you can admire the intricate movemnent better. The straps are made of genuine alligator from Louisana and come with a deployment clasp. The watches arrive in a beautiful wooden box.

Hand engraving is extremely complex and needs a steady and patient hand. For highly complicated engraved dials the engraver often working 8 hours a day can take several weeks. Anyone who has ever watched an engraver at work can understand why these masters are almost extinct today. You do not only need just a steady hand but also a lot of kill and patience. A single line must be run several times in order to reach the necessary depth. Before you can begin the engraving there is many hours work. The engraving piece is cut from a solid silver handle a dial. The dial must be exactly the correct milimeter in diameter and thickness. Then the dial feet are soldered on. A tiny millimeter can dictate whether the dial fits or not. The desired engraving is sketched on the dial before the engraver starts their work. One wrong stroke can lead to hours or days of work being wasted. Any major error or slippage from the engraver and they have to start all over. After engraving for hours, days, weeks and sometimes even months to, this dial still has to be refinished. Once movements are engraved they must be re-plated. The cost of watches that are fully hand engraved can be on the market often over € 50,000.00 and up. Even the smaller companies demand such watches from at least € 12,000.00 and upwards. Under this price and you can´t get a watch with real hand engravings. With Tourby Watches you have the opportunity to recieve a complex work of art for a very fair price. The models from the Premium Collection are the main business of Tourby and understandably the demand is much higher than our capacity. For those who want a once in a lifetime masterpiece, possibly to pass on as a family heirloom. The motto of Tourby Watches is " We build your watch ". 

Various hand engraved models

The "Hand Engraved Dial" models are fully engraved by hand. The design ideas of our customers are to be implemented and therefore each model is unique. Prices start from 6,500.00 € with completely hand-engraved dial and additional complete hand-engraved movement. The prices depend on the engravings. Relief engravings are complex and therefore more expensive. Intricate carvings take longer, some engravings however are simpler and easier to implement. We can gladly provide you with a quote.


available in different size (40 mm, 42 mm, 43 mm or 45 mm)


Price starting from 6,500.00 (depending on the level of finish)

Solid 18k gold case + 9,500.00 Euro

Various custom made timepieces

We build customized watches manufactured completely by hand. Here is a small selection of what we can make. Talk to us and we create your dream watch.

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