Argentum 42

"Argentum" is the Latin word for silver. In the translation from Latin, there are two designations: Argentium and Argentum, of which the latter is derived from the Old Latin. The Tourby "Argentum" models are characterized by the 925/000 sterling silver dial, which is made to the highest level in a German dial factory specially for Tourby Watches. The surface is "grained" according to the old German tradition, this is different from others labelled as "silver". The position of the numbers are the same as marine clocks from the 20th century. The minute track is blue and stands out from the rest of the numbers from and matches beautifully with the blued hands. The case measures 42mm (without crown) and is available in the classic variant A with screwed bars, or in the sporty variant B with the smooth-lug. The screw bars of the A casing are not dummy screws as with many other competitors. Tourby Watches uses only the best quality and follows only the highest standards in the implementation of our ideas. Therefore, the lugs are bolted with a special locking system. The screws in this patented system does not screw and unscrew but rotate with in the lugs. This prevents losing a screw, when it might loosen up over a period of time. The hands of the Argentum models are made of temperature-blued steel and are an example of all the highest grade of watchmaking. Even in luxury grade watches temperature-blued hands not common. There are watches on the market at over 5000, - Euro, which have installed painted hands. Through direct sales and a unique price-performance ratio of Tourby Watches, the customer has a watch with high-quality details that will already be under 1.100, - Euro to purchase. Where else can you get a wristwatch for such a low price with the highest quality features? Apart from Tourby who can a watch with a circulation of less than 100 pieces worldwide, that is specially built to order from a German manufacturer?

All movements are shock-proof according to DIN 8308 standard and anti-magnetic according to DIN standard 8309th




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Argentum 42 Decorated SCDG with Cordovan strap * 1,025.00 Euro 

Argentum 42 Decorated SCDG with Alligator strap * 1,100.00 Euro



Folding clasp + 50.00 Euro

Sunburst winding wheels + 100.00 Euro

Rose gold plated watch case + 200.00 Euro

Partial hand engravings on movement  + 600.00 Euro

Completely hand engravings on movement + 1800.00 Euro


42 mm wristwatches in vintage pocket-watch design

51 mm lug to lug

22 mm strap wide

11 mm thickness
watch case in stainless steel or gold plated
Swiss Made pocket-watch movement  (17 Jewels, 18.000 A/h, 48h power reserve)
Properly refined according to highest watchmaking standards
genuine 925/000 Sterling silver faces
heat blued steel hands
Domed and anti-reflected sapphire glass on front

Sapphire display case back

Stainless steel clasp

Watch straps made of genuine Louisiana alligator skin

Shipped in an attractive travel Leather case

anti-shock proof (DIN standard 8308)
antimagnetic 4,800 A (DIN standard 8309)

A style watch case (screw bars)

B style watch case (small lugs)

Gold plated watch case

Premium models

The Premium model features a rose gold plated case with a very thick 5 micron real gold coating. In addition, the movement is fully engraved by hand with sunburst winding wheels which are subsequently flame blued by hand. It is extremely difficult to blue the winding wheels and achieve a uniform color. About 50 hours of work in such a watch, all handcrafted. The selling price considering this is more than fair. Such prices  mean Tourby Watches can only offer only through our direct sales, where the customer buys the watch without any dealer margins. Otherwise you would probably not get such a wristwatch for under 10,000 - Euros. There are other manufacturers that could offer such a masterpiece in a 750 fine gold case, then to be able to ask the price of a midsize car.


Since Tourby Watches used a very thick coated real gold coating, you can not tell visually any difference between gold plated and solid gold case. Only when you realize the small weight difference as gold is much heavier than stainless steel. Tourby Watches does not use conventional gold plating, which is common in the watch industry but we use a specialist in the Gold City Pforzheim gild. Only this way can we guarantee that the gold will last for many years or even decades. Gold coating stainless steel can only be achived with great effort. Therefore, most cases are only blasted and therefore cheap. Often you can easily distinguish a gold plated case and solid gold casing. There are differences in the look and color. Our cases are not exactly the same but as close the finish and lustre of solid gold.

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