Open Barrel

The "Open Barrel models" have a open dial with a clear view of the mainspring. Once you wind the watch manually, you can see how wound the spring is. As the spring loses tention, the entire barrel rotates in the opposite direction. A 360 ° rotation of the barrel takes about fifteen minutes. So it's a power reserve indicator in its simplest but also most beautiful form. 


available in different size (40 mm, 42 mm, 43 mm or 45 mm)


Prices (depending on the level of finish)


Skeleton non-hand engraved SOLD OUT

Skeleton hand engraved SOLD OUT

Skeleton custom made  from 5,500.00 Euro

Sample: Skeleton non-hand engraved movement with 40 mm watch case (2,200.00 Euro) SOLD OUT

Sample: Custom made with Top Grade movement and 40 mm watch case (6,000.00 Euro)

Sample: Custom made with 42 mm watch case (5,500.00 Euro)


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