Pilot Automatic

Approximate Period 1950 - 1970

The Pilot Automatic models meet the highest quality level for pilot watches. It is no wonder that the U.S. Navy pilots of the "Strike Fighters Weapons School Pacific" wear this watch. The future fighter pilots of the U.S. Navy wear a Tourby Pilot Automatic watch on their wrist, which was designed specifically for extreme situations.



42mm diameter

51mm lug to lug

22mm strap wide

Height 12.7mm (without domed Glass)

hand brushed stainless steel case (Made in Germany) or with rose gold plating or black (PVD coating)
massive, screwed steel bottom with Europe map (nickel free)
very thick, domed and anti-reflective sapphire glass interior (almost indestructible)
Glass seals UV-resistant
20 ATM pressure resistant
Low pressure resistant
screw-down crown
Special seals
Tritec luminous material (best quality worldwide)
Galvano-black dial (Made in Germany)
temperature-blued steel hands (Swiss Made)
Swiss Made ETA 2824.2 (fine adjusted in 5 positions)
Shock-resistant according to DIN 8308 Norma
Anti-magnetic according to DIN 8309 standard
Water resistant to DIN 8310 standard
hand-stitched leather bands (Made in Germany)
Stainless steel buckle

Shipped in an attractive trvael Leather case




**** free shipping worldwide ***


With stainless steel watch case 1,000.00 Euro *sold out

With PVD coated black watch case 1,100.00 Euro

With rose gold plated watch case 1,200.00 Euro



Date * free of charge

Folding clasp + 50,- Euro

Genuine Louisiana alligator skin strap + 100.00 Euro

Stainless steel bracelet 200.00 Euro

Sapphire display case back with decorated movement and spacer + 400.00 Euro

Full hand engraved movement and spacer + 1,800.00 Euro

With stainless steel watch case *sold out

available with or without date

With black PVD coated watch case *still available

available with or without date

With rose gold watch case *still available

available with or without date

With date 

All Pilot models are also available with a date window at 6 clock (no extra charge). The black date is perfectly positioned and does not disrupt the "face" of the watch because it is not immediately visible at first glance. When you look at the detail in the photos you will notice right away that the quality of the dials and hands, even at 5x magnification. Quality is reflected in the detail and the quality control which are the hallmarks of any watch manufacturer.

New second hand design

All Pilot Automatic watch models comes with new second hand design:

Case back

You can choose between a crystal caseback or a steel caseback. The steel caseback is with Europe map. The sapphire crystal caseback shows the highly decorated movement (included Glucydur chronometer balance) held in place with a decorated movement retaining ring (extra charge 400.00 Euro). Those who want to spare no expense can also have a hand engraved model (extra charge 1,800.00 Euro) where both the movement and the movement retaining ring are completely engraved.

Heat-blued steel hands and luminous dial

Only the best watch manufacturers in the world have the privilege of accessing temperature-blued steel hands. There are very few hand manufacturers in Switzerland that can produce such hands. These supply only selected watchmakers, mainly the big corporations and their luxury brands. Tourby Watches belongs to this selected group of customers, since we obtain our parts exclusively from Germany and Switzerland, and thus have the level of the Swiss luxury manufacturers. We are proud to offer our customers such quality hands which help to set us apart from the other smaller companies. Temperature-blued steel hands often cost 10 times the brass hands sets but these little details make the difference in quality. Anyone who has ever looked at temperature-blued steel hands in the sunlight, know why these hands are so expensive. The dark-blue color and gloss can not be replicated .TRITEC Superluminova is one of the most expensive and bright material for watches in the world and is only found on exclusive Swiss luxury brands. A single gram TRITEC Superluminova is well above € 50.00, while standard Luminova often costs less than € 2.00. TRITEC Superluminova differs from conventional luminous material by their long luminosity. Standard Luminova initially bright and very strong but after a few minutes dulls down considerably, TRITEC Luminova remains bright all through the night (if it has been charged during the day long enough). The durability of TRITEC Luminova is much better than that of conventional Luminova. Standard luminous material can flake off after a few months already and then you have little bits of luminous material inside the watch. TRITEC Superluminova is exclusively used by German and Swiss dial factories. Chinese manufacturer of dials rely only on standard luminous material as TRITEC will not supply these factories.

Watch case

The stainless steel case of the Tourby pilot is in three parts. The top ring and the steel caseback is screwed down on the cases main body. This case design is very service-friendly as minor repairs can be dealt with easily.


The rugged construction of the case with the extremely thick sapphire crystal and the very strong steel base enable the watch a water resistance of 200m, this is rare for pilot watches. The design of the case has incorperated rounder lugs making it very comfortable.


The finish of the case is brushed in the Hagen workshop by hand. Even luxury brands costing much more do not have their cases finshed by hand as it is more expensive than it would be using a large machine. Tourby Watches does not use hardened cases even though they are popular at the moment. Hardened case also bring many disadvantages, firstly these are much more expensive and some brands require a few hundred euros premium over a non-hardened case. A hardened case can still be scratched when it is in contact with a tile floor or to a metal door. After curing, the steel will get a slightly yellowish color so they are then sand-blasted. Not every customer likes a sand-blasted case. On the other hand these hardened cases can not easily be refinished and they must be re-hardened by the workshop which is much more difficult than a non hardened case. The cost of refinishing be more expensive than buying a new case, the hardened case would then be virtually worthless. The case of the Tourby pilot is extremely robust, made from the best 316L stainless steel and also refinishing is very easy. The cost of case refinishing at Tourby Watches is 80, - Euro. A completely scratched and damaged case can be brought back to as new condition. A case could be refinished with the additional costs of a hardened case three to five times. If you refinish the case every 5 or 10 years a hardened case would only make economic sense after 50 years by which time the hardened case will be damaged. A hardened case is  just for people who love the idea but we dont think it is a nessessary feature.

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