Pilot Manual 45

Approximate Period 1910 - 1945

Although pilot watches are very simple, the construction and design of these watches can often be very difficult. Tourby Flieger watches are known worldwide as one of the most beautiful models and they are collected by people all over the world. Considering the technical requirements, the striking design made by the company's founder, Erdal Yildiz faced a very big challenge. Through his years of experience in the watch industry and his technical knowledge, he has succeeded in creating a beautiful timepiece. The hands are an perfect length and reach almost to the end of the minute track. The contrast of blue and greenish on the hands is best for readability with the simplicity of the dial. On Tourby Watches big pilot C3 Superluminova is used. It is best Swiss Superluminova with optimum brightness. Superluminova will glow for many hours at night and making the watch able to br read at anytime of the night.

The dial design is not new or innovative but Tourby has kept strictly to historical specifications and added to the simple design with his own touches. On a pilots watch we typically find a triangle at 12 o'clock position. In keeping with the historical design Tourby has not printed their logo on the dial. Tourby works primarily with pocket watch calibers that always come with a small seconds hand. It is important to place the small second hands in as unobtrusive placement as possible. Tourby has made it so the little second hand does not affect the overall layout of the dial and none of the numbers on the dial are cut. This may sound very simple but now the idea is being copied by many other manufacturers around the world. Even the big watch brands with outrageously expensive pilot watches have not managed a small second or a chrono hand on the dial without cutting the numbers. For many collectors the cut numbers on the dial are not nice asesthetcally. Tourby was one of the first watch manufacturers who placed a high value on this. Meanwhile it is now copied by the entire watch industry, previously Tourby was ridiculed for this unconventional design but now after a decade, almost every pilot's watch is built to Tourby's design. 


Tourby has always developed and designed the watches completely by himself inspired by designs that he always loved himself. He is a perfectionist, so as often happens a design will be revised many times until he is finally satisfied. He relies entirely on his own good taste, his customers wanted an aviator watches with one thing: size. Tourby did not just want to only impress with its size but a watch that would also technically make sense and is comfortable. A pilot watch should be large but still suitable for everyday use. Even with the desire of many customers for a thickness of 18mm would not be made as it would render they unable to be worn comfortably as and everyday watch. The Cal. ETA 6498 would be too shallow at 4.5 mm for such a high watch case. The movement in such a case would almost disappear and the dial would very deeply seated impairing its view. From the underside the movement would also be set too deep in the case.  Due to these factors Tourby opted for a 13 mm case included a high domed and anti-reflective sapphire glass. The lugs are rounded down and thus offer best comfort for smaller wrists. With this design the strap can completely wrap around the wrist and leaves no gap between watch and wrist. Many customers are surprised how well a 45mm aviator's despite its size watch wears, even with smaller wrists. The excellent design of the the 45mm aviator's case wears as alomst the same as the 42mm pilot watches.


An important point in aviator watches is the crown. It should be large and easy to grip because the pilot's watches were often used while wearing gloves. Therefore often large onion or diamond crown were used. The very popular diamond crowns have the disadvantage that they would rub on your wrist which can be uncomfortable. The airmen from the 2nd World War did not have this problem as they wore their watches over their leather jacket and you usually wore leather gloves. Today however, most customers are aware this, nevertheless no one wants to give up a large diamond crown as it is one of the characteristics of a pilot's watch. Tourby has solved this problem by rasing the position of the crown slightly and the the edges of the crown slightly rounded so there is no sharp edges. Despite daily use the crowns of Tourby not scratch or dig into your wrist.


manufactured watch case

45 mm diameter

52 mm lug to lug

22 mm strap wide

Height 11.30 mm (13.35 mm incl. domed Plexiglass)
Stainless steel watch case (Made in Germany)

Watch case brushed with polished bezel

Domed special PLEXIGLASS

Display case back or solid case back

Glass seals UV-resistant

Galvano-black dial with C3 luminous material (Made in Germany)
Heat-blued steel hands with C3 luminous material (Swiss Made)
TRITEC luminous material (Swiss Made)

SWISS MADE manual wind DB 6498-2 movement (based on ETA Unitas 6498-2), 17 Jewels, 21.600 A/h beats per hour, power reserve 60 h

fine adjusted in 5 positions

Precision -2/+8 sec/day, after casing

Shock-resistant according to DIN 8308 Norma
Anti-magnetic according to DIN 8309 standard
hand-stitched leather bands (Made in Germany)
tang buckle

Shipped in an attractive trvael Leather case




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Price (NET excluded VAT):

Pilot 45 DB with buffalo or calf Leather strap * 1.450 Euro


Upgrades: (Please click on the text for more informations):

genuine Cordovan leather strap + 25.00 Euro

genuine alligator skin strap + 100.00 Euro

Change to straight crown * free of charge

Folding clasp + 50.00 Euro

Artificially aged + 250.00 Euro

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Also available with solid case back.

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