Around The World

The model "Tourby Around The World" is a collection of 5 watches (form the continents of Europe, America, Asia, Australia and Arabia) with hand paintings dedicated to each. The hand-painted dials are inspired by centuries old seafaring world maps. This style was painted by a well known American artist (with European roots). Only through repeatedly asking the artist did they finally agree to paint the dials for Tourby. Because thier paintings are sold for large sums of money, they have no time for further orders. The artist liked idea this so much that they made this exception. Naturally we should never push an artist to specific a time frame, so in this case we were waiting over 4 years for the dials to be finally finished. And as you can see, the long wait has been worth it. The artist on the other hand would like to stay anonymous. The watches are powered with the movement ETA 6498-2. This movement has an increased power reserve, a higher beat and is precision-adjusted in five positions. 


Price (NET excluded VAT):

Europe 10,000.00 Euros

America 10,000.00 Euros

Arabia 10,000.00 Euros

Asia ***SOLD***

Australia 10,000.00 Euros



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