Sector Dial 40

Available in three sizes - 40 mm, 43 mm or 45 mm

"Sector Dial" models date from the early phase of Art Deco. From 1910 this design dominated almost the entire pocket watch market and was used by all well-known watch manufacturers. From 1935, with the advent of the wristwatch, this design was continued due to its popularity and is one of the most popular early wristwatch designs. In general, watches during this period looked very similar. At that time, the dials were not designed by the watch manufacturers themselves, but the design was specified by the dial manufacturers. The watch manufacturers chose a design from the dial manufacturer's range, and they then only had to print the customer's logo on the dial. A dial was often used by several brands at the same time. That's why when looking for old watches you often find different brands with one and the same design. Between the two world wars, the Art Deco design prevailed among classic watches. These watches can be recognized by the following features: railway line on the outer edge, Arabic numerals, small seconds at 6 o'clock, classic slim "feuille" hands and a simple and flat case with a non-slip crown. Art Deco watches came in two popular varieties, the classic "Art Deco" and the "Sector Dial" models. The classic Art Deco pocket watches had Arabic numerals throughout. The "Sector Dial" models mostly had only three numbers (3, 9, 12), only dashes or a combination of numbers and dashes. The small second was also different. While the classic "Art Deco" models also used a railway line in the second field with the division into tens (10,20,30,40,50,60), the "Secotor Dial" models only had dashes in the second field, which were also divided into two areas - so-called sectors - were divided into an inner and an outer circle.

The historic "Sector Dial" model incorporates concentric dashes inside and outside the hour or minute markers with solid lines connecting these circles. An hour sector divides the space between these lines into twelve sections, while a minute sector has sixty sections, often with heavier hour markings. The division in the seconds field also consists of two sections. The inner ring is blank while the outer ring has short and longer dashes. No numbers were used in the seconds field. Since the minutes are divided into sixty small sectors, they look like the classic "chemin de fer" railway lines, which are also known from many other pocket watches. Strictly speaking, the outer ring of the "Sector Dial" models is not supposed to represent a railway line at all. Rather, it is about the division into sectors. In order to make this clearer, the sectors in the minute scale were drawn as squares in later models in order to distinguish them visually from the classic, rectangular railway lines.


manufactured watch case

40.5 mm wristwatches in vintage pocket-watch design

48 mm lug to lug

22 mm strap wide

8.75 mm thickness (without glas)

10.6 mm thickness total (incl. glas)

watch case made of stainless steel 


TOP GRADE manual wind movement (based on Swiss Made ETA Unitas 6498-2), 17 Jewels, 21.600 A/h beats per hour, power reserve 60 h

fine adjusted in 5 positions

Precision -2/+8 sec/day, after casing

Properly refined according to highest watchmaking standards
genuine 925/000 Sterling silver faces
rhodium plated steel hands
Domed and anti-reflected sapphire glass on front

Sapphire display case back

Stainless steel clasp

Watch straps made of genuine Louisiana alligator skin or Cordovan Leather

Shipped in an attractive travel Leather case

anti-shock proof (DIN standard 8308)
antimagnetic 4,800 A (DIN standard 8309)


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Price (NET excluded VAT):

Sector Dial 40 Top Grade with Cordovan Leather strap * 2,950.00 Euro


Upgrades: (Please click on the text for more informations):

genuine alligator skin strap + 75.00 Euro

Change to straight crown * free of charge

Folding clasp + 50.00 Euro

Large presentation-wooden box + 300.00 Euro

Available with an vintage-alligator strap or a classic-alligator strap.

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The movement is available in different levels of refinement (please click on the following link for more informations about the movement):


Top Grade from 2,950.00 Euro


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with classic Alligator strap

with Vintage Alligator strap

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