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International customers are welcome. We are from Germany but our customers are worldwide.

German Design Award Winner 2020

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Our pilot's watches are among the best in the world. Even the fighter pilots of the US Navy trust our watches.


Our diving watches are extremely robust and run very precisely, so that the time can be read to the second even under water.


Our classic watches are sophisticated and also embody every single era of watchmaking, from its beginnings to the present day.


Our chronographs can be used to measure periods of time, or simply to read the time.


A special treat are our watches with dials made of precious stones.


Our military watches have received multiple awards and are unique on the market.


Our skeleton watches reveal the extraordinary mechanics, not just from the back.

Custom made

Our Custom Made watches are made exactly according to the needs of our customers. This creates extraordinary unique pieces.

The chronograph with the charm of the 1930s

Nostalgic! Beautiful! Unique!

Art Deco-style chronographs with a salmon-colored dial are extremely rare. Originals from the 1930s fetch top prices at auctions.

Rare timepieces

The Lawless Reduced

We now also offer our diving watches with a smaller diameter and without a diving bezel

A new trend is currently spreading in the watch world. Diving watches with a smaller diameter that do without the bulky rotating bezel and still have a high level of water resistance and a sporty look.

Custom made timepieces

Strike Fighter Weapons School Pacific

Even the US Navy is one of the customers

In 2013, we received an anonymous request as to whether we could build a mechanical pilot's watch that would meet the highest standards and be water-resistant to 200 meters. The high level of water resistance is rather unusual for a pilot's watch, and at the time there was nothing on the market that could offer that. We built a prototype and got the approval. Since then we have been supplying the US Navy School in Lemoore with a pilot's watch specially made for them.

German Design Award Winner

Award-winning design and German craftsmanship combined in one watch

Statement of the Jury:


Stylish, distinctive and balanced, the product ostensibly utilises modern contempory materials and techniques to recreate a design classic. Harking back to the early 20th century, the face is characterised with luminous oversized numerals and a display showing seconds placed at six o'clock. Together with the weathered strap and simple railway line circumference the watch oozes old-school look.

German Design Award Special

Award-winning design and German craftsmanship combined in one watch

Statement of the Jury:


Simple geometric elements combine with gentle colours and minimal numeric components to create a sophisticated, elegant and spectacular watch that evokes the Art Deco design of the early 20th century.

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