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Available in three  sizes: 40 mm, 43 mm or 45 mm - Price from 2,150.00 Euro


The watchmaking era of Art Deco is just as short as in other areas with this style. After World War I until before During the Second World War, a style spread all over the world and in all areas of everyday life. Art Deco stylistic elements flowed into architecture, furniture, clothing and every conceivable commodity. With Art Deco, everything superfluous was seen as necessary. The stylized and two-dimensional depiction of floral and organic motifs is characteristic of Art Deco. This lack of shadow and naturalness conveys the modern and often bold impression of the art of that era. In the middle of this epoch, the Art Deco pocket watches were created, which were characterized by the renunciation of functionalism and the worship of technology. Completely in the style of Art Deco, these pocket watches had clear shapes and a pure surface effect of the materials. For the first time, applied numbers - so-called appliqués - were used. These Art Deco pocket watches should not be confused with the mostly small and angular women's wristwatches that were appearing at the same time. At this time, the man was still carrying his pocket watch in his waistcoat pocket. It was not until 1940 that the wristwatch also became popular among men, but by then the small, angular design of wristwatches was already outdated. Wristwatches for men between 1940-1960 were mostly round and slightly larger. Just like their role models, the Tourby Art Deco watches also draw on these style elements. Despite the simple design, but through the use of precious materials, a very decorative and elegant look is achieved. The rose gold appliqués and numbers look extremely high quality and are extremely complex and expensive both in terms of production and assembly. The rose gold leaf hands "Feuille" fit this style perfectly. It is important not to produce both the appliqués and the hands flat, but to give these parts volume. Therefore, curved materials are used in both cases. This design is also available in a rhodium variant, where the appliqués and hands are rhodium-plated and the dial has a sunburst finish with a technical look. Of course, the dials are made of the highest quality 925/000 sterling silver, as Art Deco dictates. The numbers on the dial should not only stand out in color, but also stand out from the overall picture due to their shape. This resulted in a clear and high-quality design.


The hands are made of stainless steel and then hard gold-plated. Normally, steel hands are only used if you want to blue them afterwards, since only steel hands can be blued using temperature. For non-blued hands, you actually only use the cheaper brass hands, since stainless steel is unnecessary here. Brass hands are on the one hand cheaper and on the other hand much easier to gild. However, Tourby spared no expense with the Art Deco models and used steel hands, although this is not technically necessary. But in the world of luxury, it's often the less necessary things that make it so appealing. Nevertheless, steel hands always have an advantage over brass hands. Steel hands are more robust and often survive assembly without damage, while brass hands usually have to be replaced in a later revision because they bend or scratch during assembly. The connoisseur can always tell steel hands from brass hands, even if both are subsequently gold-plated. Just looking at the base of the hands reveals the quality of steel hands. With brass hands, the circle around the holes is often bent during assembly, while steel hands cannot be bent due to the robust base material. Of course, you can only see something like this on closer inspection, but the differences are often in the details. Especially with luxury items, the customer will inspect the goods very carefully.

The crystal of the Tourby Art Deco watches is a strongly curved sapphire crystal and its shape is reminiscent of old pocket watches. In the case of pocket watches, the crystals were mostly made of plastic and were very cheap to manufacture. A strongly curved sapphire crystal, on the other hand, is extremely complicated and expensive to produce. These special lenses cost four times as much as traditional sapphire lenses and hundreds of times as much as plastic lenses. At the same time, strongly curved sapphire crystals should not be confused with simply curved sapphire crystal. There are also significant price differences here. With a strongly curved sapphire crystal, not only is the outer surface curved, but also the inside. This creates a kind of cylinder shape, which is very difficult to produce. Due to this very special shape, narrower cases can be used, which looks better with classic watches. With such a construction, the dial sits much higher and makes the watch look more elegant. The technical advantage of these strongly curved glasses is that the actual thickness of the watch can be concealed. Above all, classic watches should appear very flat and not obtrusive. Technically, this is difficult to achieve because the movements are usually very thick. Viewed from the side, a watch consists of a case-back, middle part, bezel and crystal. The thickness of the caseback and middle can hardly be reduced, but the bezel and crystal can be used to give the watch a slimmer look. To do this, you use a very narrow and flat bezel and set the dial up to this height. Now only the hands stick out at the top. And this is protected by a strongly curved sapphire crystal without impairing its function. Since the Crystals are anti-reflective, they are hardly noticeable to the viewer. The eye then only sees the steel frame of the watch, which looks very flat. Although the watch - measured with crystal - has the same height as other watches, it looks much flatter.



manufactured watch case

wristwatches in vintage pocket-watch design

40 mm, 43 mm or 45 mm diameter

10.4, 10.6 mm or 14.45 mm total height (incl. domed crystal)

22 mm strap wide

48 mm, 50 mm or 52 mm lug to lug

watch case in stainless steel or rose gold plated

Swiss Made pocket-watch movemet

Properly refined according to highest watchmaking standards

TOP GRADE manual wind movement (based on Swiss Made ETA Unitas 6498-2)

17 Jewels, 21.600 A/h beats per hour, power reserve 60 h

fine adjusted in 5 positions

Precision between -2/+8 sec/day, after casing

genuine 925/000 Sterling silver face

Domed (arched) and anti-reflected sapphire glass on front

Sapphire display case back

Watch straps made of genuine Louisana gator skin or from Cordovan Leather

Shipped in an attractive travel Leather case

anti-shock proof (DIN standard 8308)

antimagnetic 4,800 A (DIN standard 8309)


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Price (NET excluded VAT):

Art Deco Basic with Cordovan Leather strap * 2,150.00 Euro

*Upgrade Top Grade Movement  + 800.00 Euro


Extras: (Please click on the text for more informations):

genuine alligator skin strap + 75.00 Euro

Change to straight crown * free of charge

Folding clasp + 75.00 Euro

43 mm rose gold plated watch case (very robust PVD plating) + 200.00 Euro

Large presentation-wooden box + 300.00 Euro


40 mm stainless steel

The design of the Art Deco pocket watches from the 1920s-1940s was so popular that it was also applied to the first wristwatches from 1940, of course with a much smaller diameter. At that time, these Art Deco wristwatches were between 34 - 38 mm in size, very rare models also 40 mm. Almost all watch brands at that time offered such a model. They differed only slightly in appearance. The Tourby Art Deco 40 builds on the successful Art Deco series and is a logical consequence of the current trend towards smaller diameters. In 2015, Tourby designed the new 40s case specifically for this model. Encasing the 37 mm pocket watch movement in a case with such a small diameter is a technical masterpiece. Tourby proves once again that it is ahead of its time.


43 mm stainless steel

The 43 mm watch case is a proprietary (Tourby) construction and, thanks to its elegant shape, is very flat and comfortable to wear, even under a shirt. The height of the watch case is only 9 mm without crystal and 10.4 mm with highly domed crystal. The three-part watch case is very easy to service because the top ring is screwed on top. In this way, small repairs to the dial and hands can be carried out quickly without having to disassemble the entire watch. The short and curved lugs allow these watches to be worn even on narrow wrists. The watch measures just 50 mm from horn to horn. The sapphire crystal back gives a clear view of the TOP GRADE caliber with all imaginable decorations. The design is rounded off by high-quality leather straps made of cordovan or real alligator.

43 mm rosé gold plated

We also offer the 43 mm variant with a rose gold-plated case. The modern PVD gold plating is extremely robust against scratches and sweat, so that you can enjoy it for a lifetime.

45 mm stainless steel

The 45 mm variant is the pocket watch for the wrist. With its dimensions, it comes closest to the originals and also looks like a pocket watch savonette, but without the front cover.

The case back

You can admire the finely decorated Swiss hand-wound movement on the case back through the sapphire crystal. The solid Unitas raw movement is elaborately finished and upgraded in our factory. The top grade version is particularly beautiful with skeletonization, perlage, snail cut, double Glashütte sunburst and blued swan neck fine adjustment. 
(The picture shows the top grade movement)

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40 mm stainless steel

43 mm stainless steel

43 mm rosé gold plated

45 mm stainless steel

The Basic Movement

The Base movements comes free of extra charge. Choose your favorite.


The silver version is sand blasted and has a skeletonized balance bridge, blued screws and skeletonized winding wheels.


The gold version is sand blasted and has a skeletonized balance bridge, blued screws and skeletonized winding wheels.


The black version is sand blasted and has a skeletonized balance bridge and skeletonized winding wheels.


The rhodium-plated version is finely decorated with Cotes de Geneve, blued screws and finished winding wheels.

The Top Grade Movement

The Top Grade movement is only available at an additional cost (from + 800 euros).

Top Grade

The basis for our Top Grade movement is the Swiss ETA Unitas 6498-2. The ebauche is completely finely finished in our manufactory with skeletonization, snail grinding, perlage, bevelled edges, blued screws, double sunburst wheels and a blued swan-neck fine adjustment. The movement is also technically upgraded with a longer power reserve and a Glucydur chronometer balance.

Rhodium Plated

The rhodium-plated version is included. Rhodium has a special shine and its beauty can hardly be surpassed.

Gold Plated

We can offer the movement in different colors for an additional charge. The movement is gold-plated in yellow or rose gold. We can temperature blue and skeletonize the winding wheels as a contrast.

Hand Engraved

For an additional charge, we can engrave the movement completely or only partially by hand, just as you wish.



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