Hand Engravings

Our team specializes in sophisticated and highly intricate hand carvings. From years of practice, our master engraver honed his skills. Very few people in the world have such knowledge and dexterity. Hand engraving is one of the most difficult and most complex work that can be performed on a movement, case or dial. We work according to drawings and templates, you can change the font, the shape, the symbol and choose the background. 


Anyone who has ever watched a hand engraveur at work knows how much work and attention to detail that is found in such works of art. A single line must be repeatedly cut to create the correct depth for the engraving. Should the engraver make a mistake the whole piece will be disgarded as you can not simply wipe it off. Sometimes the engraver can spend several weeks working on a single dial or movement, depending on how complicated the design is. 


Hand engraving gives each watch its own personal touch and makes it a one of a kind. 


The master engraver at work.

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