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Dear customers, our business continues without any problems, even in time of the CORONA-VIRUS. We work in our manufacture as usual. Since we have very few employees and each have their own (separate) work area. It is no problem for us to carry out all orders.  There are also no delays. We send the parcels to your door with DHL (Europe) or FedEx (worldwide). We look forward to your order.

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International customers are welcome. We are from Germany but our customers are worldwide. We sell approx. 60% of our watches outside of Europe. Mostly to the USA,  Canada, Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, South Africa and many more countries.


Tourby Watches

Königstr. 78

58300 Wetter / Ruhr
(near to Hagen in Westphalia)



+49 176 83118382


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