Pilot SFWSP (Strike Fighter Weapons School Pacific)

Custom made for the fighter pilots of the U.S. Navy only - no public sale.


This special model was made at the request of the US Navy School Pacific for some fighter pilots of the "Strike Fighter Weapons School Pacific". We thank the pilots of the US Navy combat school in Lemoore/California for their trust and are particularly proud to be able to manufacture these watches. The watch meets the highest quality level for pilot's watches (waterproof at least 200m, vacuum-proof, shockproof, antimagnetic, temperature-resistant, self-winding Swiss movement with stop-seconds, chronometer, special seals, special oils, highly luminous dial and hands, almost indestructible and thick Sapphire crystal, extremely robust and solid steel base, screw-down crown, special steel spring bars). The watch is only accessible to US NAVY SCHOOL PACIFIC fighter pilots. Each watch is secretly hand engraved on the side of the case (for identification) with the pilot's battle name. The dial is printed with 3 logos: the Super-Hornet 18 fighter (every pilot's "workplace"), the US Navy's Top Gun logo and the SFWSP logo. The print is made using the high-quality pad printing process. This type of print is extremely rare, especially with such complex motifs. Each of the eleven different colors requires its own cliché (steel stencil) and each color must be printed individually. Printing the dials is extremely difficult and time consuming. However, the details are printed so perfectly that they do not appear blurred, even when enlarged several times, as is the case with conventional standard printing, for example.

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With black watch case - available upon request

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