Dear customers, our business continues without any problems, even in time of the CORONA-CRISIS. We had to temporarily close our shop, but online tradings continues. We work in our manufacture as usual. Since we have very few employees and each have their own (separate) work area. It is no problem for us to carry out all online orders.  There are also no delays. We send the parcels to your door with DHL (Europe) or FedEx (worldwide). We look forward to your order.

Please click on the left menu box on the respective models for more information and price list, or click on the pictures below. In the pictures you can see only a small selection of our watches. The entire collection can be found on the list on the left.

Our Philosophy is to build timeless mechanical masterpieces, while not breaking any taboos.


We have a very rich collection with different designs. Our collection includes almost all eras of watchmaking and are focused on the periods at the beginning of the 20th century. As a result many of our dials pay homage to old pocket watches, table clocks, board watches, aviation watches or marine watches. Each of our timepieces has a historical precedent. This nostalgic design is encased in a high quality and durable watch case but we also have modern designs such as diving watches as part of our collection.


Each Tourby timepiece is simple in design and timeless. We do not run with the latest trend and build only watches with aesthetics have survived decades or even centuries which remain timeless. 

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