Old Military Enamel


Available in three sizes: 40 mm, 43 mm or 45 mm - Price from 2,850.00 euros


The epoch of the old military pocket watch emerged around the turn of the century and reached its peak between the two world wars. After the Second World War, these pocket watches were hardly ever made. Only the then mass manufacturer Cortebert had produced a few pocket watches in military design after the war, otherwise demand had fallen sharply. The pocket watch had been almost entirely replaced by the wristwatch, and wristwatches became a bit simpler in design, with smaller numerals. The design of the old military pocket watches, on the other hand, was characterized by these oversized Arabic numerals, which were lined with luminous material on the inside. A special distinguishing feature of these watches is that the border of the digits is still clearly visible. Normally, luminous material is applied completely to the printed numbers. In the case of military watches, however, the printed numbers are hollow on the inside and illuminants are only applied to the inside of the numbers. Therefore, the digits had to be so large, otherwise it would not have been technically feasible. There were even some dials that completely dispensed with luminous material for cost reasons, or where only some of the digits were covered with Luminova. The "chemin de fer" railway line, which has a rhombus in some places, is also characteristic of military pocket watches. In addition, all had the seconds field at 6 o'clock. Many military pocket watches look confusingly alike. If you believe the dial manufacturers, the brands did not place such high value on independence at the time. At that time, the dial manufacturers still designed the dials themselves for the customer, and therefore there were many similarities between the watch brands. Today everyone attaches importance to an individual design. In the past, however, some watches could only be distinguished by the brand name, otherwise they were almost identical. Military pocket watches from luxury Swiss brands are still very popular with collectors today. In addition, there were also a large number of relatively unknown manufacturers who no longer exist today.


manufactured watch case

40 mm, 43 mm or 45 mm diameter

48 mm, 50 mm or 52 mm lug to lug

10.6 mm, 11.3 mm or 14.45 mm thickness total (incl. domed crystal)

22 mm strap wide

watch case in stainless steel (made in Germany)

Old Radium luminous dial and hands

Swiss Made ETA Unitas 6498-2 TOP GRADE manual wound movement, 17 Jewels, 21.600 A/h beats per hour, power reserve 60 hours, upgraded in our own manufacture with CDC decoration, Perlage, heat-blued swan neck fine adjustment, double Sunburst wheels, skeletonized bridges, bevelled edges, rhodium plated, blued screws

Fine adjusted in 5 positions

Precision -2/+8 sec/day, after casing

Properly refined according to highest watchmaking standards
heat blued steel hands

Enamel-lacquer dial
Domed and anti-reflected sapphire glass on front

Sapphire display case back

Stainless steel buckle

Watch straps made of genuine buffalo leather or Russian leather

Shipped in an attractive travel Leather case

anti-shock proof (DIN standard 8308)
antimagnetic 4,800 A (DIN standard 8309)


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Price (NET excluded VAT):

Old Military Enamel Top Grade * 2,850.00 Euro


Upgrades: (Please click on the text for more informations):

genuine alligator skin strap + 75.00 Euro

Change to straight crown * free of charge

Folding clasp + 50.00 Euro

Artificially aged + 250.00 Euro


Old Military Enamel 40

Vintage Look!

This watch looks exactly like the old enamel dial military pocket watches from the 1920-1940s.

Watch dial with Old Radium colored SuperLumi-Nova

We offer the Old Military Enamel model with two different dial variants. The first covered the numbers with Old Radium Super-LumiNova. These are the most modern light sources from Switzerland from the company TRITEC. We call this variant Old Radium, because the addition gives the lume a slightly brownish color, just like real Old Radium, which has been banned since the 1960s due to its radioactivity.

Watch dial with Old Radium colored SuperLumi-Nova

We offer the Old Military Enamel model with two different dial variants. The second variant has no lume at all and therefore looks like many old pocket watches from World War I, where the lume has completely fallen off over the years.



Live pictures 40 mm model

The case back

You can choose between closed or display case back

Old Military Enamel 43

We also offer the Old Military Enamel model with a 43 mm case.

Watch dial made in Germany

The dial is the face of a watch, so we attach particular importance to the very highest quality for this part. For many years we have been working together with a renowned dial manufacturer from Germany. We offer the 43 mm and 45 mm version of the Old Military Enamel with two different dials. One variant uses slightly brownish lume on the numerals, the second slightly yellowish.

Live pictures 43 mm model

with brownish lume

Live pictures 43 mm model

with yellowish lume

Old Military Enamel 45

We also offer the Old Military Enamel model with a 45 mm case.

Live pictures 45 mm model

with yellowish or brownish lume

The case back

You can choose between closed or display case back

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