Decorative touch for circular areas (circular graining): Changes to the swinging motions of the clock angle of incidence of the light travels the reflected light from the ground surface in a circle.


In the lexicon of watchmaking from 1902 states: The sunburst is made on a swivel chair with hollow spindle. The hollow spindle is given to using a slip cover and the place of the bearing engaging a half circle is mounted so that it is easy to move both in one direction and in the longitudinal direction. We now set between the tips of the engagement circle the wheel, which is to get the cut and let it run with the grinding bell in the hollow spindle, so this creates the so-called sunburst. In order to obtain the first grinding opposite direction is the engagement of one circle with its side screw slightly further from the center of the bell grinding away and rotates the wheel in the opposite direction.The grinding bell is coated with fine emery angeriebenem in oil or oil stone. A beautiful sparkling cut is obtained if one rouge mixed with oil stone dust used.

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